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Skiing across the three valleys since 1945

Courchevel, including the four villages below Courchevel 1850, is the gateway to Three Valleys, one of the largest ski areas in the world, spanning 600 kilometres with slopes linked by a network of 172 ski lifts. It affords world class alpine and off-piste skiing and hosts one of the largest ski schools in the world. 

It all began in 1925 when the Lac Bleu hotel in Saint-Bon, until then a summer destination, opened for the winter season welcoming affluent Parisian ski enthusiasts. By 1935 there was the Saint-Bon Ski Club and ski school with local instructors. Popularity for the sport grew and in 1945 a dedicated ski resort was opened at Courchevel 1550, along with the first drag lift up to Moriond and an influx of architects to build that village.
Less than than ten years later a ski lift opened up the higher slopes and Courchevel 1850, a new and the most prestigious resort of all was born.

Peak experience

Courchevel - 1850

Home to L’Apogée Courchevel and the most prestigious of the Courchevel villages this is the place to enjoy some elite alpine pleasures beyond the excellent skiing.

There are helicopter tours of the valley leaving from the small altiport, which is highest in Europe, the exquisite Jardin Alpin, home to the chamois fox, and there is a delightful ski rink.

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Courchevel Moriond - 1650

The village has plenty of shops along with the restaurants, and the nightlife is very lively.

The surrounding slopes are fairly gentle and welcoming for children, and the sunshine tends to stay later in this corner of the valley.

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Courchevel Village - 1550

A blue run takes you down into this fairly quiet village and there are ski lifts and a high speed six person bubble lift to return you to Courchevel 1850.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants to visit.

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Courchevel Le Praz - 1300

A delightful village that has retained all its original Savoyard character, there are not many shops but plenty of places to eat and drink. It is easy stroll through as it is settled on a plateau and the streets are quite flat, there is however a ski jump which was built for the 1992 Olympics which is open all season.

A bubble ski lift from the centre of town can take you straight back to Courchevel 1850 in seven minutes, giving you good views over the valley.

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Courchevel Saint-Bon - 1100

Saint-Bon was the original ski resort in the Courchevel region opening a hotel in 1925. The town was rapidly developed in the sixties, not always to the benefit of the architecture.

You can reach Saint-Bon skiing down a red run and while there are no ski lifts to return, there is a shuttle bus every 20 minutes.

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Winding down the mountain road, there are five villages that make up the Courchevel area: Courchevel at 1850 metres, Courchevel Moriond at 1650 metres, Courchevel Village at 1550 metres, Courchevel Le Praz at 1300 metres and Saint Bon, at 1100 metres.

Please see highlights of each village.

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