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Jean-Luc Lefrançois has been delighting gourmands for more than 30 years.

Originally inspired by his grandfather, a professional baker in Rouen, it is always with a smile that Lefrancois recollects the first step of a journey which has taken him through some of the finest kitchens in the world: Le Bristol Paris, Le Ritz, l’Hôtel de Crillon, Le Relais Louis XIII and Prunier to name a few.

He is also deeply inspired by Japan, having travelled, worked and even participated in culinary competitions there. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and refined disciplines of the cuisine he has brought his passion to Courchevel 1850 with a new restaurant Koori.


The Scallops - Recipe

16 Normandy scallops
16 spears of green asparagus 
2 Sweet onions from Cevennes
100g lotus roots
2 pieces of kumbawa
100g butter
10cl sesame oil
50cl groundnut oil
15cl teriyaki sauce
1 basket of purple chizo leaves
1 basket borage flowers
1 pak choi
4g shimi togarashi
5g fleur de sel

Open and peel the scallops, clean them thoroughly, rinse and drain them.

Cut the onions in two; be careful to keep their skin. Brown in the oven under cover, with some olive oil, at 180°C for 1 hour. At the end of the cooking, they have to be tender. Remove the skin, and then detach leaf by leaf in order to retain the onions' shells.

Peel the green asparagus, roast them with some olive oil.

Peel and thinly cut the lotus roots and fry them.

Grate the kumbawa, extract the juice, add a trickle of water, and bring it to the boil, cook with the butter.

Season the scallops with some fleur de sel and shimi togarashi, sautee them in olive oil. The middle has to be raw.


Arrange harmoniously on a plate beginning with the onion shells, then the scallops, the asparagus, the fried lotus roots, the chizo leaves and the borages flowers.

Drizzle over the kumbawa butter and some teriyaki sauce. Finish with the grated kumbawa. 

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