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Corporate Social Responsability

Being part of Oetker Collection, we share a respect for the environment and a sustainable future.


Our vision

Our values

Protect, respect and develop sustainable solutions.

Our vision

Oetker Collection invests in its business for the benefit of future generations.

Our mission

The hoteliers of the Oetker Collection family are guided by common values and objectives, especially in terms of social and environmental development.
It is this new commitment that allows us to be closer to our guests.

Our motto

"Patrons for a safe and guaranteed future".

Located on the edge of the Vanoise National Park, L’Apogée Courchevel reveals a stunning biodiversity. Observe, listen, wonder and marvel are the key words which define this protected natural habitat. To preserve our environment, L’Apogée Courchevel participated in the "Plus d’arbres, plus de vie" project (More trees, more life), in partnership with local schools to plant trees in the ski resort.

In addition, the team at L’Apogée Courchevel also organised a rubbish and recycling collection day, accompanied by local volunteers.

Our commitments

Commitment 1: Ensuring that human rights are respected and optimising our work conditions
  • Ensure equity amongst our employees while fighting against discrimination.
  • Promote optimal quality of life at work and support social dialogue.
  • Encourage the development and mobility of our employees.
Commitment 2: Controlling our consumption and preserving our environment
  • Reduce our consumption of resources by innovating.
  • Know, protect and restore the biodiversity that surrounds us.
  • Enforce the rules and strive to reduce all types of pollution.
Commitment 3: Ensuring fair practices and educating our guests on social responsibility
  • Ensure fair practices through a service and impeccable purchasing policy.
  • Encourage our customers to contribute to our vision of a sustainable future.
Commitment 4: Contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of our region
  • Give preference to local producers, supporting the heritage of our terroir.
  • Support partners in sustainable projects related to the values that we defend.

Our Partnerships

The "Giving Bag" means you can help local people by donating accessories that you no longer wear or use, they will be sent directly to the Red Cross.

You can also help disadvantaged countries by donating your partially used bath products to the "Clean the World" foundation.

Both donations only need to be dropped into a "Giving Bag" which we have placed in every wardrobe.

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