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Creating a family home on the slopes

Renowned architect and interior designers Joseph Dirand and India Mahdavi had a clear vision for L’Apogée Courchevel, they were creating a mansion in the mountains, a home with an easy warm atmosphere and a certain sophistication; above all they envisaged a real sense of authenticity.

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The designers commissioned every element of the interiors, from the extravagant Fior di Bosco marble in the bathrooms to the chair by the fireplace. Soft cosy materials contrast with the sharp light of the slopes; hence wool plaid carpets, supple leather and reams of plush velvet ensconce guests in luxuriant warmth.

India Mahdavi

Project design lead

India Mahdavi has worked around the world on residential, hospitality and scenography projects and has established a reputation for her fresh and colourful approach.

Together with Joseph Dirand they merged to create a unique style for L’Apogée Courchevel, which relates more to the language of a château than a chalet. In design they found the perfect balance between contemporary and historical reference that is "authentic yet not nostalgic".

"It is rare to see two architects create a joint project without contrast, one which operates as an entity, but we naturally mixed together our individual proposals.

We wanted this space to be like a family château with a palatial side, a place where you aren’t overwhelmed by the décor; somewhere you can make your own. Each suite is a mini chalet with an entrance: a place to sit, hang up your jacket and take off your shoes. We needed to create aesthetic value, but also something authentic."

India Mahdavi

Joseph Dirand

Project design lead

Joseph Dirand is renowned for his hyper-sophisticated and architectural style.

He found L’Apogée Courchevel a generous space and also felt clearly that it would be more of a home. This is transmitted in the design which is intimate and comfortable, with cosiness and warmth that corresponds with being in the mountains.

Dirand says the most superb part of working with a group like Oetker Collection is that "we take care of the design side, knowing that behind it there will be extraordinary service".

"We had a choice: either to create a rustic, mountain feel or a sophisticated and warm atmosphere, like in a mansion. We didn’t want any false pretences; we created a home transformed over the years into a hotel.

I would prefer people to say "they transformed something" rather than "they created the latest trendy venue". We all have our own culture and there are places where there is no past, but in which it feels like we already have memories, within which we thus forge experiences and rituals."

Joseph Dirand

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